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Topic subjectRE: Don't hold my age against me man....
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24460, RE: Don't hold my age against me man....
Posted by BrainChild, Wed Apr-26-00 08:06 AM
>Don't hold my age against me,
>YOu must remember I was like
>four when Purple rain came

age means nothing... i'm 20 (also 4 when PR came out).

>Did THe Artist say that Grafiti
>Bridge was the sequel (
>I know I probably said
>that wrong) to Purple Rain?,


>because I did not see
>the connection in that film.
>I mean everybody was in
>it, with the exception of
>Appolonia 6 and the club
>owner who wore the
>cape with the D on

how could you not? Prince played the role of 'The Kid' again, they talked about how Billy (the club owner) left the clubs to Morris and The Kid... The blonde haired girl was no longer blonde.. she's the one in bed with Prince at the beginning of the movie.

>That is why D'angelo can do
>it. He can make it
> What about "on top of
>the Cherry Moon"?

err.. you mean Under the Cherry Moon? I just say we get D & ?uest to remake that movie.. I'm sure they both know their lines by heart... if not, I can take their parts lol.

>I know you remember that
>movie. I haven't seen
>that in hecka long. Remember
>when Prince dies in the
>end. Were those really
>sequals(my spelling)? I do not
>see the connection.

Under The Cherry Moon wasn't supposed to be a sequel to Purple Rain.

>Here is another: What was the
>age that Appollonia wrote down
>for herself on the card
> that she handed the
>bonde chick in the club

19... and the blonde chick's name is Jill Jones... who released a dope and very underappreciated album on Paisley Park in 1987.... those who know will understand when i scream "Violet Blue"


"Put the magazine down nigga!" -- Prince '84