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Topic subjecti feel you.
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24459, i feel you.
Posted by guest, Wed Apr-26-00 07:53 AM

>YOu must remember I was like
>four when Purple rain came
>out, so it was like
>my sesame street.

i was three when purple rain came out and that shit was right below sesame street as my favorite thing to watch.

>My aunties got me hooked to him.

me too. my aunt told me recently i used to dance and do splits with prince in her room when the performance scenes of purple rain came on. she wouldn't let me watch appalonia jump into the lake though. i had to see that when i got older.

>Sheila E. (We have the same birthday<soulgatarius rock>)

prince. we are both gemini's! that's how i know i'm going to be a star.

>That is why D'angelo can do
>it. He can make it
>can remake the movie or
>make their own. Or I personally would
>like D to make his
>own version, starring all of
>the okay artist. And
>cameos by the original purple
>rain cast. That would so
>Common, THe Roots, THe jazzies, etc.
>who should play morris?
>I think ?uest could be Jerome(just
>kidding, I thought that could
>get a laugh)

for some reason i'm against this right now, but you might be up to something. with a good writer (quest) they might beable to pull it off.

but if they don't do a purple rain, i think that musicians should make movies based on their music more often. purple rain is the best movie ever. prince may notbe the best actor but the story was very interesting. and you're right i would like to see somebody do it agian.

one request put mosdef in it!


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