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Topic subjectDon't hold my age against me man....
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24458, Don't hold my age against me man....
Posted by C_Jon, Wed Apr-26-00 06:16 AM
Don't hold my age against me, man!!!!!!

YOu must remember I was like four when Purple rain came out, so it was like my sesame street. But I watched it like it was going out of style and I could tell you everything about it.
My aunties got me hooked to him. THey gave me my first poster at the age of 6 and do you know who that was. Sheila E. I still have it on my wall. (We have the same birthday<soulgatarius rock>)

Ok I may not have heard every prince song invented, because my mother felt I was too young to listen to it. but when ever I had the chance as a kid I would check out what I could.(ie. music and video) And I made sure that his movies were some of them.
Did THe Artist say that Grafiti Bridge was the sequel ( I know I probably said that wrong) to Purple Rain?, because I did not see the connection in that film. I mean everybody was in it, with the exception of Appolonia 6 and the club owner who wore the cape with the D on it. And remember that other girl with the blonde hair who played the piano with Wendy in the video 1999. And Wendy and lisa were not in it either. Well neither was the Revolution because by now they were all fired. i guess I see your point. And know it was not the best follow up to purple Rain.

That is why D'angelo can do it. He can make it better.
What about "on top of the Cherry Moon"? I know you remember that movie. I haven't seen that in hecka long. Remember when Prince dies in the end. Were those really sequals(my spelling)? I do not see the connection.

But back to the subject- they can remake the movie or make their own. YOu know how everybody else is remaking all the old stuff like the parent trap and the brady bunch. That would rock. Or I personally would like D to make his own version, starring all of the okay artist. And cameos by the original purple rain cast. That would so rock.

Common, THe Roots, THe jazzies, etc.
who should play morris?
I think ?uest could be Jerome(just kidding, I thought that could get a laugh)

Anyways what do you guys think?


"I ain't got no money, but baby I am rich on personality"______ The Artist

Trivia question: Lake Mentonka (once again spelling)

Here is another: What was the age that Appollonia wrote down for herself on the card that she handed the bonde chick in the club scene?