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Topic subjectPurple Rain II......
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24454, Purple Rain II......
Posted by C_Jon, Tue Apr-25-00 07:26 PM
After reading in the diary that d wanted to pase the halls like in purple rain, a surge of an intersting thought/idea came to mind. I think D should:
A)remake Purple Rain in its entirety
B) Make a film similar to Purple Rain, but in his own story
C) Make a movie with The Artist ( perferably where he is the son and THe Artist is his father)

I know kind of corny what do you guys think?

But wouldn't it be cool?

Granted that I am a Purple Rain fanatic and know every line and every song to every scene in the movie. I think it would be so cool. I mean they would change the names to fit everybody else and there would be cameos by the original Purple Rain Cast. THe artist of course. Morris Day. Jerome. appollonia and I think Vanity(Denise) should show up too!!!! wendy and lisa. The time.
I do not know. I personally think with the right scriptwriters, the right cast (I mean granted that d would be the kid and the soultronics the revolution), the right publicity it could work. Heck we need another movie like that even if it is not the remake something similar, (Oh snap we would have to pay royalties to warner bros wouldn't we?) Gosh dog it. WEll this is just a thought. Tell me what you think? I think I am going to go and watch Purple Rain right now....

Post some ideas on this topic if you got them!

P.S If anybody can make this come true, do not forget me, I need all the experience I can get in the scriptwriting/acting field!!!!!

"I ain't got no money, but baby I am rich on personality"___ THe Artist

For all those Purple rain fans here is a trivia question:

What Lake did Prince tell Appollonia to purify herself in?