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Topic subjectRE: Leaving Lauryn behind...
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23393, RE: Leaving Lauryn behind...
Posted by guest, Sun Jun-18-00 06:33 PM
We are fortunate that ?uest would even choose to let the Players in on this critical decision for their group (naming T.H.E.M), but we should not give suggestions on who should and should not be a part of the group. Though he's given us a glimpse of what the clique is about, we still do not a clear view of what path they are choosing to take.

To me, Lauryn is not a good choice. Since she profitted from D's and James' collaboration and became a no-show for Voodoo, I do not have the same respect for her. Whatever the case may be for her lack of support (though she may have been in the studio once or twice), D' still was on HER album. I don't know, maybe I do not have all of the info. Not as though that's never happened. If I'm wrong, please let me know so I can be enlightened.

Anyhow, we are lucky to have some insight on their efforts, but I do not see any additions to the group, no matter how they may seem to be the perfect choice. Sometimes you can't change what just works.