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Topic subjectL is hip hop....
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23390, L is hip hop....
Posted by guest, Sun Jun-18-00 05:45 PM

ExcusEe moi for jumping in here, but....

it seems to me that lauryn is hip hop, plain and simple and if you don't get that by harping on the singing versus rapping you're not getting the point....a lot of artists have talked about this before, but it seems to me that Flash put it best that: "hip hop is not about conformity," i.e., breaking the rules IS hip hop...my best guess is that Lauryn is simply being Lauryn on Miseducation, it's very very simple, those who try to follow the ridiculous title of "hip hop purists" run to draw lines around the bold and audacious, this is senseless....excuse me for my vigor, I hardly ever post here but this subject excited me. I used to dislike the Refugees "commercial slant" but listening to Miseducation for the first time ever has me convinced: L IS hip hop!!! (Is she even cool with the Roots?????)


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