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Topic subjectCome one, come all
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23389, Come one, come all
Posted by mellow, Sun Jun-18-00 05:33 PM
I think the point of T.H.E.M. is pretty much in line with who would be considered a soulquarian.
For that answer, check out the thread that says
"is premo a soulquarian". Quest answers that question and what makes someone one. That answer can also be applied to your case. Quest made a good point in that post. What probably started out as a "name" for a collective of friends who as quest said, "work together, hang out, argue, watch movies, etc..", these "crew names" have been blown way out of proportion. People have to relax and take it for what it is. Don't put pressure on people to include or exclude individuals from their inner circle. Heck, would you like a site where people tell you which friends you should keep and which you should add? I think not, so lauryn's got mass appeal, we all know. Nobodies knockin' her, she's a grown woman. She'll do and say as she wants. So let's keep the stress off of ?uest, he's just one guy in a collective.