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Topic subjectBitter with reason..
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23382, Bitter with reason..
Posted by LaDieMeCCa, Sun Jun-18-00 09:00 AM
True they gave her the 360 degree title of innovator, where alot of her innovating did not stem from her R&B. In my opinion, much of her R&B was not innovating, but her MC'ing was. She set a new standard for female MC's. Came up to the forefront MC Lyte style only with a tad more femininity and let the world know you don't have to strip to sell and you can still rhyme. It was refreshing with all that Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown stuff. I mean, even Rah Digga had the opportunity to be like that but she took the shiny shirt way with the rest of them. After Miseducation, though I'm not gonna touch the riske magazine covers she was on, but she called it art so que sera sera.
And as far as waiting on some "Innversions" type stuff...damn it was her FIRST solo album...give the girl some time. :-)

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