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Topic subjectRE: Point taken...
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23378, RE: Point taken...
Posted by Rozjack, Mon Jun-19-00 11:54 PM

>okay. this is where the snob
>in me comes out. she
>has always been radio/pop friendly.
>name any joint. "killing me...",
>"ready or not" pop songs.
>"can't take my eyes..." "ex
>factor" pop. "lost ones" (what
>a bam bam over a
>breakbeat...still pop) "looking back" (welcome
>back kotter/i wish over a
>breakbeat) don't get it twisted.
>she is soulful. but she
>ain't made her version of
>"there's a riot goin on"

Granted, the songs you named are pop/radio friendly, but nobody can deny the fact that she is lyrically and vocally gifted.