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Topic subjectSay word!!!!!
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23375, Say word!!!!!
Posted by Nesta, Sun Jun-18-00 09:19 AM
> she needs to
>>be brought back musically and
>>remember that she doesn't always
>>have to be radio-friendly.
>okay. this is where the snob
>in me comes out. she
>has always been radio/pop friendly.
>name any joint. "killing me...",
>"ready or not" pop songs.
>"can't take my eyes..." "ex
>factor" pop. "lost ones" (what
>a bam bam over a
>breakbeat...still pop) "looking back" (welcome
>back kotter/i wish over a
>breakbeat) don't get it twisted.
>she is soulful. but she
>ain't made her version of
>"there's a riot goin on"

That's what I'm saying. U know I stay away from this board, but I needed to jump in. I love L, she reps Jerz lovlely the whole nine (strong beautiful sister making good music), but L has never made what I would say cutting edge music. She has made very good music and is way talented. But I'm waiting for her to push the envelope and do that next shit.

It was her first album and a damn good one, but she was never Me'shell Ndegecello just blazing her own musical trail regardless of commercial appeal. Plu she seesm so bent on letting folks know that she's an independent woman that relies on no-one that it doesn't seem that she wants to be tied to a collective or group (my editorializing).

What's Nesta listening to these days:

Nina Simone - The Ultimate Collection
Nina Simone - In Concert/I Put A Spell on You
Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear
Rahsaan Patterson - Rahsaan Patterson
Roy Hargrove - Moment to Moment

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