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Posted by Rozjack, Mon Jun-19-00 11:45 PM
>And a side note, Grammy's don't
>make an artist.

You got that right. Ever since Milli Vanilli won, the Grammy has been cheapened. I'm not saying it's not important anymore because occasionally they give it to much deserving artists (i.e. The Roots), but the whole process is very political. I've seen record contracts that reward bonuses to artists and producers when they win a Grammy. So this leads to a lot of them concentrating on making a hit instead of making quality music. Half the time the people who vote for the nominees vote for the most popular person, not the most talented. In fact, I voted for last year's awards and I'm not even a member of NARAS. My boss is and he didn't have time to vote so I did. So, I wonder how many other members don't have time to vote.