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Topic subjectThat was my point
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23371, That was my point
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Mon Jun-19-00 01:01 PM
I know grammys don't make artists, that's why I said that. However, they do substaniate her as a "heavyweight" in the entertainment industry. Grammys give you power with your record label. My point is this. She does not need to be in THEM, because when an artist has success on that large of a scale, they can pretty much calibrate with who they want to. You don't have to act like "oh, poor little Lauren, the other kids don't include her" because like ?uest said the invitation is there. You are right that I probably should have ignored this whole discussion, but I thought you were "Miseducated"

I do have to give props to Lauren, but you don't have to defend her.