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23367, RE: Point taken...
Posted by LaDieMeCCa, Sun Jun-18-00 08:53 AM
>okay. this is where the snob
>in me comes out. she
>has always been radio/pop friendly.
>name any joint. "killing me...",
>"ready or not" pop songs.
>"can't take my eyes..." "ex
>factor" pop. "lost ones" (what
>a bam bam over a
>breakbeat...still pop) "looking back" (welcome
>back kotter/i wish over a
>breakbeat) don't get it twisted.
>she is soulful. but she
>ain't made her version of
>"there's a riot goin on"

This is true, but songs like those gave her that way that eminem has it now. There are the commercial joints that poppy kids enjoy, and then there are the tracks not everyone gets to hear. Those, in my opinion, are the ones that got her the notoriety from hip hop heads. Because cats became salty over her album not being mostly hip hop. And they felt cheated because they knew what an MC she was. Now did they get that opinion of her from hearing "Killing Me Softly"?? I SERIOUSLY doubt that one. What made me a believer started with tracks like "Vocab" (Remix), "Da Ladies", her live shows with freestyling, and tracks on the Score like "The Beast," "Manifest", "Family Business", stuff where she is showing her true MC'ing sans strong beats though.

As far as soul is concerned, her voice is amazing, and there is no doubt about that. But when someone is good at BOTH and VERY good at both, it's hard to identify her and where she fits in the matrix. Like do you mean Lauryn, the MC, Lauryn the soul singer? Too many people do call her a savior by her music, but it's more the message. Like, with Miseducation you are taking songs like Lost Ones, Ex-Factor, blahzay blah, but what about Forgive Them Father, and yeah she sampled "Concrete Jungle" but the lyrics can't be denied there. It's just really sad that alot of times an artist is identified by the poppy track and all too often ignore the B-sides, ya know?