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23366, RE: Point taken...
Posted by qoolquest, Sun Jun-18-00 06:34 AM
>To my understanding, I thought T.H.E.M
>was a group of musical
>saviors who joined to make
>good music.

no. whew ain't nobody saving nothing up in this piece. that is the main point of our first meeting/interview with vibe. so many people try to pit us against commercial cats, that gets us nowhere but in trouble.

I didn't know
>all involved had close relationships.
>It's just upsetting to see
>talented artists coming together and
>fellow artists not being included,
>and I thought it was
>some exclusive clique sitting at
>a different lunch table than
>everyone else. My apologies. But
>if Lauryn ever wanted to
>join the mix, please don't
>shun her,

never did. sheeeeit after all that james went through, he'd be the first to work with her still (even though she just finished album number 2). again. door is always open.

she needs to
>be brought back musically and
>remember that she doesn't always
>have to be radio-friendly.

okay. this is where the snob in me comes out. she has always been radio/pop friendly. name any joint. "killing me...", "ready or not" pop songs. "can't take my eyes..." "ex factor" pop. "lost ones" (what a bam bam over a breakbeat...still pop) "looking back" (welcome back kotter/i wish over a breakbeat) don't get it twisted. she is soulful. but she ain't made her version of "there's a riot goin on" either.

>T-rying too
>H-ard to
>E-voke the
>M-usical spirit back into Lauryn Hill
> :P
>oh and here is my real
>T.H.E.M vote:
>H-earts and
>"Whether Jew or Gentile, I rank
>top percentile"-- Lauryn Hill
>"Okayplayer!!! I drew blood!!!"-- Nou Ra
>*hooray for emotion icons*
>:-) :-( ;-) :o :D }> :'( :P :9 :* :7

the chitlin' circuit class of 2000 (as published in vibe magazine sept. 2000)

?uestlove-grand nega, grand wizzard, soulquarian, soultronic, and still a root.

d'angelo- idu, dirty soul, soulquarian, and a soultronic.

jaydee- a villager, an ummaher, a soulquarian, and a j-88er

james poyser- a grand wizzard, an axis, and soulquarian.

common- cornbread, madame zenobite

q-tip- ummahite. triber.

erykah badu- bag lady with green eyes

mos def- good tree-ite. native toungueite. black star. 1/3 of the greatest comedy siblings since the hudson brothers. (guess this pop culture reference and i will send you an autographed copy of "from the ground up" must guess tv station, 3 brother's names, and what phrase did they utter every week?

talib kweli- an eternal reflection, a blacker star

bilal- boy genius. soultronic. (didn't know that huh?)