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Topic subjectLauryn leaving us behind...
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23364, Lauryn leaving us behind...
Posted by qoolquest, Sat Jun-17-00 09:27 PM
the door is always open. but i'm saying. there are gazillion opportunities for her to work with us in which she declined (read d'bonics, james not being properly compensated for his work on "miseducation".) but again. we are a group who have personal relationships. and we just don't have that with her. sorry. if she were more accesable then sure. we are down for whatever. but as it stands everyone listed below are cats who talk on the phone at least 2 hours a day. take road trips. cook. work. joke. go to movies. rent films. work. argue. and mediate with each other.

again sorry

Hard (to)

the chitlin' circuit class of 2000 (as published in vibe magazine sept. 2000)

?uestlove-grand nega, grand wizzard, soulquarian, soultronic, and still a root.

d'angelo- idu, dirty soul, soulquarian, and a soultronic.

jaydee- a villager, an ummaher, a soulquarian, and a j-88er

james poyser- a grand wizzard, an axis, and soulquarian.

common- cornbread, madame zenobite

q-tip- ummahite. triber.

erykah badu- bag lady with green eyes

mos def- good tree-ite. native toungueite. black star. 1/3 of the greatest comedy siblings since the hudson brothers. (guess this pop culture reference and i will send you an autographed copy of "from the ground up" must guess tv station, 3 brother's names, and what phrase did they utter every week?

talib kweli- an eternal reflection, a blacker star

bilal- boy genius. soultronic. (didn't know that huh?)