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23354, Well...
Posted by Mil, Sat Jun-17-00 11:08 AM
Youre assuming that she was left out of it. But the thing is that "it" is a group of artists that have worked together in the past, and have decided that because of the things they all bring to the table, they should just work together, and look within their collective group to compose music... Lauryn was never a part of "it". She's worked with D'Angelo, sure... but she just had him sing on a track, by that measure then anyone who's ever collabo'ed with the artists in "it" would be included (i.e. Method Man, Beanie Sigel, Ceelo, Outkast, Beatnuts, and anyone else they've worked with). But in this case its the fact that they've worked together continuously. I mean... Maybe its all the fact that Lauryn doesnt WANNA be involved.... maybe they had asked her about it and received no response... maybe the difficulties in trying to work with her in the past made it unattractive to try to bring her into the group... there are a lot of possible reasons for them.

I guess we'll never know though.........
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