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Topic subjectLeaving Lauryn behind...
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23352, Leaving Lauryn behind...
Posted by LaDieMeCCa, Sat Jun-17-00 06:42 AM
You know since reading the T.H.E.M post along with the thoughts on a number of artists who are not incorporated into the mix, I was just curious as to how choices were made and it led me to think of the current state of music today, and those out to save it.

Those who know me know what I think of Lauryn Hill and how she is my "Prince" (the artist, get it). What am I getting at?..oh right! Why leave Lauryn out!

I mean Lauryn Hill has seen alot of different changes musically in her 7 years in the spotlight. She has only recently been given the credit she deserves but for all the wrong reasons. So many people are salty over it (not saying any names). Cats are hating left and right because they see her as "wasted talent" (c) Bronx Tale. She is definitely worth more than the watered down R&B she throws on the radio. Then there is the debate of her not making her own music. True or not, her beats were never the focus of her (peep the Score and its mediocre beat content). So what if I am overlooking an artist's integrity, others have done worse and are still hailed as some of the greatest.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is, that if the objective of a collaboration is to save people through music, would it be a sin to put aside differences and unite for its sole purpose? Y'all are part of an exclusive group of true raw talent - you can write, compose, hell dance in your sleep, and you are allowing one of your own to slip through the cracks because you too are salty over poor judgement and wrongful exposure. Instead of hating, where is the saving?

A diamond is still a diamond, even if it fell in some mud along the way.

T -he
H -eroes
E -cluding the
M -essiahs

So maybe she was asked and declined, maybe cats just don't like her...who knows...I am just stating an opinion...does anyone else have any? :-)

"Whether Jew or Gentile, I rank top percentile"-- Lauryn Hill

"Okayplayer!!! I drew blood!!!"-- Nou Ra