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Topic subjectcommon is a DR. PEPPER!!!!
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22718, common is a DR. PEPPER!!!!
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-19-00 11:12 AM

"Im a Dr. Pepper, wouldnt u like to be a pepper to?"---direct quote from his can i borrow a dollar LP....track 3...exactly 3min into the track.....FREAKSSSSSSSSSSS.....PEACE

"Blindfolded, tap dancin,at bullfights, wearin a snorkel, goose, and boots in the middle of July"-Thirstin Howl III

"Rappers steppin to me,they wanna get some, but im the kane, so yo, u know the outcome..another victory, they cant get with me, so pick a B.C. date cause your history"-Big Daddy Kane

"To the British, I'm Ghandi
To the Japanese I'm an American pilot flying over Nagasaki
To the AIDS patient I'm your last anti-body
Sitting and waiting for a cure from modern biology"-Canibus