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22702, so you know
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-19-00 10:22 AM

>>>You can't tell me that this
>>>guy is not struggling with

It's statements like this that get to me. Conclusions drawn up on lyrics that were written a while back. Lyrics where Common never ever said "I have a drinking problem."

>I'm not tryin' to spread rumors--I'm
>tryin' to interpret some lyrics...

I hear you, and I'm just responding to your interpretation knowing the man who wrote the lyrics.

>Do you think the ones I
>chose are irrelavent?

I think they *could* be a stretch. A big one.

I'll let Com speak fo' his damn self. Thing is, I don't see how anyone, having NEVER had a long personal conversation with the artist, can assume their religion or mental health state based on old lyrics. And then present it as almost fact, or damn near.

(the religion one is not referring to you, of course.)

Best to you, I'm not feeling the tone of the original post for some reason (maybe it's just me) and I don't want to push it up anymore.

angieee ('stress)

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