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Posted by Mdfogarty, Wed Jul-19-00 10:14 AM
>I'm not sayin you're right or
>wrong, I got problems of
>my own, if Common wants
>to come post about this,
>cool, but...
I'm the first to admit I've got my own problems, and I'm not trying to dis Com, I'm just trying to say that, for better or worse, it appears he is struggling or has struggled in the past with alcohol from the emense number of alcohol refrences in his lyrics. This in no way needs to be seen as a negative comment toward the man. It's a fact of life that many people deal with on the daily...

>>"Time Travelin'" "Stakes is high, like
>>my uncle is, we both
>>got problems, but he never
>>confronted his"
>Everyone has "problems"...you get that Common
>has the illness known as
>alcoholism because he says he
>has problems just like his

Yes, because that is one of dozens of references to substance abuse in Com's lyrics. But he's saying he's confronted his problems--whatever they might be..

>>"Reminding me of Sef" .."Driftin' on
>>a memory brought forth from
>>a fifth of Hennesey..."
>"Boy, I was sitting with my
>girls yesterday, sipping white wine..."
>Does that make me an alcoholic?

No, but there are many people whose bodies react to alcohol like it is poison, so if you can get your drink on without it running your life then you're on the plus side of things...
>>"One too many ni**as" "...Plus
>>it's hard to be me,
>>it's hard to stop drinkin..."
>>You can't tell me that this
>>guy is not struggling with
>I can tell you that you
>can't say "IS" unless you've
>spoken to COMMON recently. Going
>on rhymes written a while
>back only leads to rumor

I'm not tryin' to spread rumors--I'm tryin' to interpret some lyrics...

>I mean, if you were going
>to pick a lyric, at
>least pick a good one
>like "dealing with alcoholism and

Do you think the ones I chose are irrelavent? I was going to post that one, but I didn't know just how to tie it in...

>Common uses a lot of metaphors
>and similes. When he says
>"it doesn't take a whole
>day to recognize sunshine", the
>brother ain't talking about his
>curtains are too opaque.


>Yes, you'd stick up for your
>friends just the same,

I feel you--I have done a lot of thinking about this subject while listening to Common, and I hope the struggles are behind him...