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Topic subjectdamn!
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22700, damn!
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-19-00 07:33 AM
I'm not sayin you're right or wrong, I got problems of my own, if Common wants to come post about this, cool, but...

>"Angel on my main shoulder tellin
>me reamin sober"

Sober has many meanings. It doesn't have to refer to alcoholism.

>"Time Travelin'" "Stakes is high, like
>my uncle is, we both
>got problems, but he never
>confronted his"

Everyone has "problems"...you get that Common has the illness known as alcoholism because he says he has problems just like his uncle?

>"Reminding me of Sef" .."Driftin' on
>a memory brought forth from
>a fifth of Hennesey..."

"Boy, I was sitting with my girls yesterday, sipping white wine..."

Does that make me an alcoholic?

>"One too many ni**as" "...Plus
>it's hard to be me,
>it's hard to stop drinkin..."

>You can't tell me that this
>guy is not struggling with

I can tell you that you can't say "IS" unless you've spoken to COMMON recently. Going on rhymes written a while back only leads to rumor spreadin'.

I mean, if you were going to pick a lyric, at least pick a good one like "dealing with alcoholism and Afrocentricity..."

Common uses a lot of metaphors and similes. When he says "it doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine", the brother ain't talking about his curtains are too opaque.

Yes, you'd stick up for your friends just the same,

angieee ('stress)

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