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22698, Check these references..
Posted by Mdfogarty, Wed Jul-19-00 07:20 AM
>has to give you such a
>hard time, but if you
>listen to his verses in
>his last two albums he
>approaches the subject as if
>he's recovering...But I'm not trying
>to start shit.

Listen to 1-9-9-9

"Angel on my main shoulder tellin me reamin sober"


"Time Travelin'" "Stakes is high, like my uncle is, we both got problems, but he never confronted his"


"Reminding me of Sef" .."Driftin' on a memory brought forth from a fifth of Hennesey..."


"One too many ni**as" "...Plus it's hard to be me, it's hard to stop drinkin..."

You can't tell me that this guy is not struggling with alcoholism--but he's tryin' to deal thru his misic.....and I respect that....