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Topic subjectRE: Common is NOT a Muslim
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22695, RE: Common is NOT a Muslim
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-21-00 12:08 PM
>Goodness, as someone who knows Common
>pretty damn well, I can
>tell you he is not
>a Muslim.
>Where are you getting your information?
>Because he might have Islam-tinged
>lyrics once in a while?

Interesting, I don't think many people who aren't Muslim would start their album thank yous by saying: "I thank the almighty god allah, though i thank you everyday it makes me even prouder to proclaim your name to the world. Thank you for life, thank you for music, thank you for my family, thank you for the good times and the bad times, thank you for being you and as I travel this journey towards perfection I ask that you use me to reflect your light and spread love to all mankind. I dedicate this album back to you because from you it came. Your servant... Rashid."

But then again, I'm sure you'd know better than anyone else (except Common of course) :).