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Topic subjectbwahahahhhaa
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22694, bwahahahhhaa
Posted by Vet, Thu Jul-20-00 08:23 AM
between u and burb i'm catching stomach cramps.

hmmm... if you take a few drinks does that make you an alcoholic? man who cares... as long as bruh isn't trying to beat some woman or drive while drinking... man... folks always gotta find the negative in everything... damn bucketcrabs!

QuOTe 4 tOoDay...

VetTRU: dude.. did u read the news on the site today. that caption under com is too funny

OKOrnery: yeah i saw that, someone needs to take him aside

OKOrnery: that is someone's old church hat

VetTRU: hahahaha

VetTRU: someone needs to take him aside

VetTRU: that's quotable

OKOrnery: no for real, that's just wrong

OKOrnery: ain't even funny

QUOTE OF THE WEEK/DAY... whatever my mood

"no one tells you about being no artist man, on career day" - jane

celebrating JU-LIE as fake quote month (or are they really real)

"I can't tell you because it might hurt your feelings"-Vet

Man...brother gave good head, just wish i could have gotten it here instead of the reunion - me on the chocolatiest moderator

Resident Poets' Quotables

why are your ears
dependent on the forum?
i mean if i plant seeds
at a poetry reading
my peoples openly receive
but if i say this truth
in everyday speech
it's like i'm speakin greek - incogx