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Topic subjectI drink Heineken and Sam A.
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22691, I drink Heineken and Sam A.
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-19-00 05:46 AM
Good for him he's an alcoholic - Common's a grown man, he can do whatever the fuck he wants when it comes to escaping reality.

He is an alcoholic, yes. This has no positive or negative connotation - its simply a fact.

But lets not embelish the fact with imaginings like, "com just stumbles around all day sloshed" cuz it probably isn't true.

You gotta be semi sober to do those costume changes and business. BTW - WTF is up with that? I mean, I can understand making the show a whole big production and shit (I guess?) but at the same time I want my rappaz spittin with no frills, nawmean?

-B, thinks costume changes are gay