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Topic subjectu love eminem
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22555, u love eminem
Posted by fire, Wed Jul-26-00 03:56 AM

Celebrating Ju-lie

"I'm tired of Brooklyn" -Skip & oracle in agreement
"Prince sucks and his clothes do too!"-hotthyng76
"Denzel ain't all that!"-asighn4jane
"I love everyone!"-nazdak
"baby, please move to london w/me?"lennox lewis
"Grey is ugly!"-bfnh
"the Egyptians had nothing to do with the building of civilization"-nebt het
"fire, I could live w/out you, you know" - cupcake
"I love my other children just as much as you."- mommy
"Nellie Rules!"-Kash2099
"You are so agreeable, why would anyone call you a diva?"- my manager
"you know a girl could really get used to this office thing" - fire