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Topic subjectwoo-hoo (c) homer
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22554, woo-hoo (c) homer
Posted by atruhead, Mon Jul-24-00 02:16 PM
another 8 pages on eminem, and the soulquarians get a 2 page pictue and 2 paragraphs. As if I didnt already know how em met dre, loves/hates kim, and is tired of being looked at as just white, had it rough, hates his moms.

The more things change....

Got beef? take it to the email

"Black prodigy since the age of 20"- Sadat X

"Thats my story and Im stickin to it"-Red n Meth

Celebrating July as fake quote month, from the home office of my bedroom tallahassee, fl the top 10 are (letterman style)

10) "Whos gonna help me celebrate national police appreciation day?"- abduljaleel

9) "Im not even gonna say what I was thinking"- Nazdak

8) "Brooklyn? that shit is played out"- oracle

7) "I can outdrink all of you and control myself"- steve

6) "Im thinking about getting implants and I just realized how wack maxwell is"- fire

5) "D'angelo who? Im not feelin him anymore, Sisqo is a true artist"- Lovejonez

4) "All these hoes love me, and I know it"- dee phunk

3) "Im movin from philly to ny, they run things for real"- mcfeely

2) "Who wants to squeeze my butt?"- finesse

1) "Tallahassee florida is the most exciting place on the planet"- atruhead

fake quotes end here

i will give her the decency that should be afforded all of God's creation, but past that u gotta gimme a reason to treat u like a queen- emil speaking the truth

eff telemarketing....