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Posted by madwriter, Mon Jul-24-00 06:51 AM
on the Jill Scott NExt

Bugged out quote of the month: "I was in Haiti with the Fugees about three years ago. I miss the water. When I was 6 years old, I saw a mermaid in Haiti. She was banging, speaking Creole. I went toward the water, she turned around, and I just saw the fins go up." - Wyclef Jean in August 2000 Vibe

"People are afraid of love. Hate is easier than love, but love is stronger than hate."- Mos Def at a recent Mumia benefit.

Homepage: http://members.theglobe.com/reality_76

"If you want to wash, you use water
If you want to cook soup, you use water
If your head is hot, water cools it off
If your child is to grow, it needs water
Even if water kills your child, you'll still use water:
Nothing without water
Water has no enemy: You don't fight him unless you want to die..."-Fela Kuti

"This song is like a baby being born (yes)
It'll stay in your head long after I'm physically gone"- Talib Kweli

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