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Topic subjectWhen will y'all get it?
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22523, When will y'all get it?
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Thu Aug-03-00 05:49 PM
Okay, I'ma type this really slow so everyone finally understands. Okayartists do not need to post. I do feel they have an obligation to interact with us, but it does not have to be through the boards. The boards are they most time consuming portion of okayplayer, and I bet D' doesn't have a lot to free time 'waste' on here. He is however touring, getting into the studio, and working on the diary. You want him to post too? I've never heard y'all complain to ?uest to get off the boards and into the studio, so why should it be the other way around away for D'?

Don't get me wrong I really wish he would post too, and maybe he is (c)ang, but y'all can't ruin it and expect him back especially 100%.

This post wasn't targeted at anyone person, so don't get pissed. (((y'all doesn't = you)))I just want people to understand that okayplayer is bigger that the boards. D' is still offering more than the average artist, don't take that for granted.

Its bigger than...
Its bigger that... (c) dead prez "hip-hop"