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Posted by guest, Tue Aug-01-00 12:27 PM
>that's why i said nevermind, because
>i didn't want it to
>come off the wrong way.
>people are very quick to
>think something is negatively said
>on these boards, when i
>really wasn't trying to be.

I didn't think you were, which is why I put the note about *not reading tone* into my e-mail, either. I didn't want you to think I was coming at you...just explaining.

>i was hoping we could
>get alittle more interaction that
>all. i was using the
>chat night on launch.com as
>a example, not being bitchy.

Understood. And when I replied I was just saying that that chat shit is "typical" and half the time, it don't even be the damn artist. People's questions don't get thru, the artist doesn't want to do it. I refuse to force someone to participate or to do some wack shit. That's the easiest way to get them not to want to do shit.

This is D's HOME. He can be quiet and watch TV or he can run naked through the living room. It's his choice. He VISITED launch.com and had to be polite.

We could do have someone make fake D posts everyday and we'd have every woman in a training bra hitting up the site and be popular like ebay. But...that's not his personality to post everyday, and as corny as it sounds, I'd rather keep it real.

>i guess i'll be getting cursed
>out threads.lol

Not from me. And if you do from anyone else, e-mail me and I'll delete them.


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