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Topic subject" i better stop with this"
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22509, " i better stop with this"
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-01-00 10:42 AM
...is a way of saying "Damn, someone has upset me this damn much and I really want to say something."

>how about a chat night like
>he did for launch.com and
>another one he did but
>i can't remeber the site

From what I hear....they sucked.

No one except ?uestlove LIKES carrying a laptop on tour. You have to be a real nerd to want to carry an extra heavy ass bag.

Anyway, I'mma let the man get off tour. When and if we chat, I want it to be the real person and set up guidelines. Not those free for all "I LUV YOU D" chats where sometimes the artist ain't nowhere around.

i'm not trying to
>dis brotherman, but...nevermind.
>its all good, i better stop
>with this.

Okay, it's all good.


You'd better stop. :-)

I'm just saying....everything ain't what it seems and just like people think "D did a chat with launch.com", I bet he was the last one to know he was even doing it. We hate the bureaucracy of setting ish up with people's staff. If it can't come from the horse's mouth, or with the approval of the horse's mouth, then get that shit outta here.

But, if it would make people feel better, we'll hire someone just to make D posts to create a comfortable illusion for people who don't like the fact that not everyone is comfortable with posting.

Please don't attach a tone to my post. Everything is said with a very smiley face. Just trying to explain some things I think some people might not understand.

angieee ('stress)

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