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Posted by Spread, Tue Aug-01-00 05:49 AM
I don't know what it has to do with backpacks all the time, but you can't post something directly towards an okayartist. they won't respond. Shit if they did, then everybody would be writing posts to artists and there would be no interaction between okayplayers. This ain't no fan club. Yes we are fans, but we can't expect busy-ass musicians to quit what they're doing and get on a computer and answer every question their fans want to know. I mean, as good of a job okayartists do(esp. ?love) at being normal real approachable people to us and try to be fam, they are famous people. There are a lot of people and things that want their time. Don't ask me why but that's the way it is. And no one ever really bitches about it unless it's d'angelo not responding. Yall are never gonna get wit that cat anyway, so just download your little picture, print that shit out, close your eyes and let your fingers do the walkin. When was the last time I heard people bitchin about black thought not responding? what, he ain't cute enough or something?
if an artist responds, that's cool. if they don't, don't hate this site because where else would you even have a fraction of a chance to talk music wit ?uest or have Common tell you what he thought about the different legs of his tour? that's what i thought. in the words of EPMD "you gots ta chill"