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22502, lol
Posted by conesbitt1, Tue Aug-01-00 05:37 AM
good thing i don't take these boards seriously, or i would have taken that seriously.lol

have a good day

cold water on this damn hot summer: its a good thing

I am wholeheartedly, completely, totally....and anymore words that mean that....in love with my man. We sometimes trip on how it all came about and how soon things happened, but the one thing that WE KNOW is that we truly love each other.
Because of the distance....we only have the devotion, unceasing thoughts, prayers, loyalty, and trust...the true unadulterated love of each other to go by. This is the real essence of a relationship. He is my inspiration for the day.... He is my natural high . Oh yes, I long to touch him beyond other things, but we hold on to each other, knowing that one day God will allow us to be together for good.-LoveJones


Damn Ahmir, I really like posting in MY diary. Okayplayer are cool peeps-D'Angelo


Bullshit-seen it, smelled it, look at it, abused by it, sent money on it.
See, me and bullshit have a love/hate relationship,we fuck around with other from time to time. But, when Bullshit gets on my nerves, I tell it to get the fuck on. But, I love Bullshit so we cool for right now