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Topic subjectHow could you leave out......
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22499, How could you leave out......
Posted by guest, Mon Jul-31-00 07:57 PM
How could you leave out Terence Trent D'Arby, one of the greaest singer/songwriters that's still making music today. I'd love to hear some Branford Marsallis and Wynton marsallis on his next record, they would really help the songs to sound more full. Oh, by the way, I have heard 4 tracks off of TTD new record "The Soarl Return of terence trent D'Arby", and let me tell you, the man is back. Nothing will ever beat his first record, but if you loved "Introducing the Hardline" and "Symphony or Damn" you'll love this one. It's more soul than rock, from the songs I've heard(unlike Vibrator, his last record). Support D, a true artist, but please give props to TTD who has been doing his thing since 1987, and buy his next record when it comes out, SUPPORT REAL ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!