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Topic subjectahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque
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22480, ahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque
Posted by label_guy, Fri Aug-11-00 02:44 PM
Common's LWFC Gold Plaque looks HOTT.....the prototype with Common's name on it just arrived at my office. It has the RIAA CERTIFIED hologram on it . The label is having a presentation led by the president for Dot. Com on Monday. I'll get some pictures of Com cheesin with his first plaque so okayplayer can put it up. I'll even make him throw-up the OKP gangsign.
22481, RE: Com on 100.3 the Beat from 12-3p this Saturday
Posted by label_guy, Fri Aug-11-00 02:49 PM
I forgot to tell the LA okayplayers he will be doing a DJ airshift on 100.3 the BEAT from 12noon-3pm on Saturday 8/12.

On BET "The Light" is the number 1 video on the NETWORK !!!
On MTV, (and thanx to y'all's support) "The Light" is ranked #11 on the CHANNEL and only 2 rap artists are getting more play, Eminem & Nelly (what company).
22482, Congrats to Common
Posted by jose3030, Fri Aug-11-00 03:03 PM

There are times......
When you need Soundscan
For your song, "The Light",
There is the light that shines,
Special for you and meeeeeeeee. :)

Congrats my man!
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22483, Congratu-effing-lations!
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Fri Aug-11-00 03:19 PM
Damn, its happening. We saw what happened to Carlos Santana. Santana spent years staying true to himself, making incredible music, and not until 2000, did he get the recognition he deserved. Well hopefully, Com is doing the same thing. Congratu-effing-lations!

22484, yeah com!!!!
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-11-00 03:35 PM
rock it don't stop it...say planet rock...planet rock...it's the sure shot...it's the sure shot...ahh eff it...i'll tell you the rest when i see you...peace
22485, RE: ahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque
Posted by REDeye, Fri Aug-11-00 03:39 PM
Big congrats to Common... AND to LG for all your hard work!

It's been a long time coming for both of you. Lord knows you don't get plaques for those white labels you do to keep your mind stable...

...just like you don't get plaques working for $5/hr at wack-ass Disney labels.

Good work, bruh.

(yeah, I'm up in here.)
22486, RE: ohhh sh*t !!!
Posted by label_guy, Fri Aug-11-00 03:42 PM
that was $3.50 an hour !
It was more fun than the CTO.
22487, RE: ohhh sh*t !!!
Posted by REDeye, Fri Aug-11-00 03:52 PM
The Label Guy acceptance speech:
"I'd just like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get here."

Just kidding. As hard as you worked to get where you are now, you deserve to pop all the sh*t you want.

BTW, if Common fakes on Bumbershoot like the Roots did last year, the repo man is coming for those plaques.

I'll have to tune in tomorrow via streaming audio -- KKBT does stream, don't they? Tell DFIII to get on that if they don't.
22488, los angeles summer jam??
Posted by keroline, Fri Aug-11-00 03:50 PM
if u do, does anyone have a spare ticket???

i want to see delasoul, common, ghostface, mosdef, and lucy pearl........??!!!!!

any nice people out there? :)

im takin it easy in tahiti- daria

its gotta have some roots to it- kevin johnson(talking to black thought at the republican convention)

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visit some sites:


22489, whooooohoooooooo!
Posted by Dove, Fri Aug-11-00 04:14 PM
it can also double as a dinner plate....

You know someone would die for tryin that.
~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

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22490, Word, word/nm
Posted by Kemp, Fri Aug-11-00 05:17 PM
Uno, dos, tres it's on-Big Boi


AUGUST IS KEMP MONTH(Why? Cause I'm a Leo, now shut-up and go, Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!)

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22491, That plaque will look good over my fireplace.
Posted by StillWaters, Fri Aug-11-00 05:26 PM
Oh, what you mean, the first 10 people to buy "Like Water for Chocolate" will not be getting a plaque of their very own. I'm hurt Label Guy. I though we was cool.

Seriously, I gotta thank LG and Bananabread for their hard word and dedication to truth.

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7. Do acknowledge the truth
8. Do buy "Like Water for Chocolate"
9. Do listen to the words of every song you hear
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And this list shall change as people piss me off by doing stupid shit.

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22492, RE: ahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-11-00 06:36 PM
WAY TO GO COMMON!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!! YOU GO BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Please give us strength, Lord, to fight our battles. And we can walk on the streets of gold." "D'ANGELO"



"Why Do we Need Id to get ID" "COMMON"

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TeeCole1: I have a lot of cd's I have at least over 200 cd's.
FrenchST99: 200? you are a real collector. what is your favorite
TeeCole1: well my favorite is my Common collection
FrenchST99: who is Common?
TeeCole1: Are you seriuos you don't know who Common is???? does Common Sense ring a bell.
FrenchST99: name some of their songs
TeeCole1: well actually it just one and he sung Breaker 1/9, and off his new album The Light and the 6th sense, he has alot of songs
TeeCole1: Once you hear them you will probally know then
FrenchST99: nope haven't heard it!!!


22493, Congrats, Com......
Posted by guest, Fri Aug-11-00 07:03 PM
Aaahhhhhhhhhh....this is what I like to see....damn. This is what it's all about. Peace. One love.


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