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Topic subjectYou Get What You Ask For?
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22132, You Get What You Ask For?
Posted by guest, Wed Aug-16-00 04:28 AM
After seeing the D' show with my lady earlier this year in LA and reading these comments, how come no one is blaming D'Angelo and his marketing people for bringing on this type of behavior?

K_ysla mentioned that she found "Untitled" spiritual, but how? The first D'Angelo album was funky and had deep double meaning lyrics and he never took his shirt off. As a matter of fact, on the first tour when he came to the HOB in LA he sat behind the keyboard with sunglasses on all night.

Now in 2K D' takes his shirt off, gets bucky nekked for a video and chickenheads aren't supposed to act crazy. Tell that cat to put on some draws and a regualr shirt for the show, which is funky enough without the chippendales reenactment.