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22128, exactly...
Posted by ScratchHTT, Mon Aug-14-00 12:40 PM
I'm not downing him...the blame is put on those women...who hold other women back...D is just reacting to what goes on around him..and joining in. I ain't gonna blame him if a girl throws her panties in his face...regardless of wheather he removes them or calls the girl on stage and asks her "How Does it Taste?"

But like i said...that is what is typical...his reaction...as well as what he is reacting to. Your right, that is a whole nother thread.

AS for me goin to the concert...I'm a hiphop head...oh and another thing...I'm male...regardless of how sexy i dress, don't you have to have breasts to get in there??
Anyway...that's my $0.02
Holla back


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