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Topic subjectRE: Dot's Diary Entry
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22124, RE: Dot's Diary Entry
Posted by ScratchHTT, Mon Aug-14-00 11:32 AM
Its unfortunate females in this culture have to do the things they do to get attention.

This culture is geared towards exploiting women and that's what women learn to do to get what they want...even if its just meeting a guy like D who does nothin to counter it himself.

What he does is typical..and show's no respect...but again, its typical of this whole country.

Its simple...If your a woman and desire attention, you have to dressa certain way to get that attention. Like I said...its what women are force-fed since they are little girls. Forget what you would wear to a concert...just look at formal wear even:

Ever see a guy in a 3-piece suit w/ shorts...instead of pants?
Or how about a Tux with short or no sleeves?
Or anything revealing for that matter?

Yet for women, I can't remember the last time I saw a dress with full-sleeves.
It becomes a simple equation...the more you reveal..the more attention you get.

That's where the problem lies...I know i'm gettin a bit serious and side tracked...but as long as women use their powers in a negetive way, they will get no where...they need to regain control and demand more respect...The world would stop rotating if women realized this..and men would be at their mercey.


"Why I seen your mom workin the fork-lift at Home Depot?" -- some dude