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Topic subjecti can't see past the clothes
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22119, i can't see past the clothes
Posted by grannie, Mon Aug-14-00 01:48 AM
..just being honest, y'gotta appreciate that, now.
aaaanyway. dot was talking about the skanks that flash their boobs and God only knows what else at D to get attention. she's saying that when D pays these women this attention, it not only encourages more stank/skank behavior, it frustrates her that the girlie who is standing in this sea of tits and ass and boo-hooing over this man, singing each tune word for word may get lost in the sauce.
she wants THAT girl to get the attention and not the ones who are just audition baby mamma #3. if that ain't you, don't take it personal. none of my nerves got struck by what she said. cuz the girl with the tears and lyrics and her tits covered is me.
all 2gether now!
i love dot
dot loves me
we're the okayfam-il-eeeee.....

August is Top Ten Month!
10 things to do at a department store

10.hold cashiers hand and say "i feel sexy today."
9.dart suspiciously through the store humming the theme from "mission impossible."
8.put M&Ms on layaway
7.stand in the elevator facing the corner and whenever someone gets on start counting down, "10..9..8.."
6.walk up to an employee, say "i think we have a code 3 in housewares" and see what happens
5.hide in a clothing rack and when people browse thru yell "pick me! pick me!"
4.make a trail of orange juice to the bathroom
3.hum only the first 7 notes of "it's a small world" over and over again.
2.anytime someone makes eye contact w/ you, look surprised and say to them, "hey! when did you get outta prison?"
1.go to fitting room and say real loud, "excuse me, we're out of toilet paper in here."