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Topic subjectRE: Dot's Diary Entry
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22118, RE: Dot's Diary Entry
Posted by guest, Mon Aug-14-00 03:43 PM
I know I am walking a thin line. It was basic curiosity that led me to HAVE to meet D'. I guess, in a way, I wanted to be let down. No way can a guy be sooo deep and hypnotic up close. Everyone I spoke to (who are close to him)gave me a little insight on his personality. They truly respect him and his views. Meeting him reaffirmed my gut feeling about Michael. He's the boy next door. A hell raiser when he wants to, but shy at first. Music surrounds him, and it's beautiful. I would do it again. No regrets.

As for Dot. I do admit, I kinda went overboard (the Coronas helped). I too am fed up by how the women act at his concerts. I saw girls pawing at D' as if he were a Chippendale dancer. I'd doubt they truly understand the depth of Voodoo or even see the spiritual aspect of the "Untitled" video. It pissed me off to see women throwing the flowers D' passed out back on the stage. It was a noble geture to think of his ladies in such a manner that he would take the time to give a token of his gratitude instead of receiving it. And they just hurled the flowers back without a simple 'thank you'. The same girls who were trying to find Willie by tugging on D' everytime he passed by. But I have to disagree with the girls who did these things were only wearing spandex. Some were in clean cut suits, jeans, dressed down. Hell, I even saw a grandmother yelling for D' to take it off. They were out there.

I can imagine Dot could only take so much before she had to yell 'enough already. act like a fucking lady'. Yeah. One can only hope!