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Topic subjectRE: Dot's Diary Entry
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22117, RE: Dot's Diary Entry
Posted by ILLWILL, Mon Aug-14-00 01:02 AM
I feel that she wasn't speaking about people like you. She was speaking on women who have no class and act unaccordingly during the shows. You may have had on some tight outfits, but I know dot personally and she wears tight things on occasion as well. That wasn't the big deal, it's when you combine that, with dick grabbing, breast flashing, groupie behavior, that's when it's unacceptable and what dot was referring to. The only thing that was suspect in your post was the fact that you showed groupie tendencies by going to his hotel to meet him. You didn't go anything with him and didn't do groupie type things, but you definitely displayed the tendencies. But realize you were not who dot was talking about. One love.

ILLWILL, the most hibo cat you know

Top 10 Things Said By Mil and I when I came to Orlando:

1) "yo, that guy looks like a fat puerto rican ghostface!"
2) "okay...we'll stay for a little longer"
3) "Yo, that big girl in the leather outfit is comin for you!"
4) "Look at dude in the fucked up fatigues!"
5) "YO! look at dude in the fucked up fatigues dancing with big girl in the leather!!! HAHAHA!!!"
6) "OH SHIT! Gerardo's got a song called 'my name is not Rico' hahahahahhha"
7) "Ben Vereen has the biggest uncle tom smile ever in that pic!"
8) "yo, i thought that was Tito Puente until i realised he's playing the trumpet!"
9) "Yo, I ordered a coke, not a large tub of popcorn!"
10) Mil: how'd you know my car was the toyota? Will: easy, you're Puerto Rican and it's a toyota!!!