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Topic subjectDot's got a tough job
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22113, Dot's got a tough job
Posted by Dove, Sat Aug-12-00 06:04 PM
Here's the portion of the diary entry to which you are referring:

~so.. once that happened.. i get back to the side of the stage for the show and i see this girl who keeps standing on her chair, lifting up her shirt and flashing d. she did this a couple times and finally, she was bold enough to get on stage. now, normally.. this isn't acceptable. but d' let her stay for a second, kinda danced with her.. and then he kissed her. (yes, on the lips) ugh. that made me really upset.. why, you ask? because it bothers me that folks just treat him like a piece of meat AND that he allows it. he opened the door to it just as much, so they're both to blame. but i wish that sometimes.. that nice girl who's not in some tight spandex outfit would get that, instead of the girls craving and doing anything for attention. i'd rather see the girl with the tears in her eyes, who sings the lyrics to every one of his songs to get close to him.. THOSE are the true fans. those are the folks who deserve it. not the ones trying to be #3.~

Now YOU said:

>Later, it was my persistance that allowed me to meet him at his hotel. When he saw I was waiting for him, he looked a little reluctant. Which is understandable.

I must ask you - You don't see your 'persistence' as an attempt to get attention from D'angelo? I'm not downing you at ALL for wanting to meet him - but you're asking that you be looked at differently.....

I think Dot is saying that the girls who wear tight clothes, flash someone, or anything of that nature JUST to get attention need to give it a rest.
I agree, women should not be subjected to stereotyping by the way they dress - but they are. You chose to show up at the hotel just to say hi, but don't want to be seen as a groupie.
Put yourself in Dot's shoes for a minute. She's got a tough job!
Read the diary, read the guestbook - look at all the rabid females who have done anything and everything just to get close to this man. I'm sure Dot has enough to do without having to discern the depth of intelligence of every female who acts like a groupie. She needs to look out for the band's safety and security.
It sounds to me like maybe this diary entry struck a chord with you.... so I'll tell you what I tell anyone else:
If the shoe fits - wear it. If you try it on and it doesn't fit - put it back on the rack & get ta steppin.

~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

A guilty conscience has no accuser (c) bfnh.