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Topic subjectDot's Diary Entry
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22105, Dot's Diary Entry
Posted by guest, Sat Aug-12-00 03:32 PM
I just finished reading Dot's entry and want to set the record straight from my perspective as a spandex wearing fan who met D'Angelo. Now, this is not to make excuses for me or any other fan, just to shed some light.

I am very conservative Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30. Dress suits, stockings, heels, hair in a bun, bus downtown and back---the works. Though I choose to wear revealing clothes on the weekend, that does not mean I do not have a brain as big as my breasts. Now, granted, the way I present myself is the way I am perceived. But I guess I am just living in a fantasy world cause I never judge a book by its cover and hope for the same in others. That view especially goes for D'Angelo not wearing shirts. Now had he started his career in Paris, this would not be an issue at all. Nudity is beautiful when presented tastefully. Only Americans (the land of the fucking free) cares how a person dresses.

Anyway, when I first saw "Untitled (How Does It Feel)", I thought, 'Wow! He is so powerful'. The shirt off was nice, but I concentrated on D's facial expressions and the lyrics. Being from the hood, I am used to seeing guys walk around with their pants sagging and no shirt. No big deal. The only difference is he gets paid for it. I cannot agree that D' promotes the response he gets. We are all adults (the majority) and should act accordingly. Not as heat seeking missles. Besides, he appreciates the love his fans give him, no matter how wild. As for me, I took a more discreet approach to get his attention.

I signed 'thank you' to him for the rose he gave me at the Houston concert. I could tell it touched him. I wasn't screaming, jumping up and down, trying to pull his pants off, I was a lady. Sure, I had on the spandex, but he didn't see all that. I am pretty short (5"3 WITH 2 1/2 inch heels on) and was tip toeing at the stage. Later, it was my persistance that allowed me to meet him at his hotel. When he saw I was waiting for him, he looked a little reluctant. Which is understandable. Hell, I could be a crazed fan ready to jump his bones, but I am not. I admire D's vision. His music is penetrating, soul lifting. I simply introduced myself with a firm handshake and spoke to him breifly. He had just finished a concert and his crew had food in their hands. The last thing I wanted to do was stop him from enjoying a meal and relaxing after that great performance. I did not ask if I could follow him nor did I attempt to follow him because it just would not have been lady-like. I thanked him for his time and rushed home to get ready for work the next day. Not to say that I would not have enjoyed talking to him more, but there is a time and a place....

So, look past the clothes. I do not cry and sing every lyric at the concerts (at least not where anyone else can see) but I AM a true fan of D's work. If you see the light around him, then you understand.


"He exudes spirituality and confidence. He's radiant. And all in his company beam at his light"---Kysla