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22098, International Rap
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-02-99 04:27 AM
MC Soolar is one of the best performers out there, I believe, is too bad I don't understand a word he is saying, the only languages I know are spanish and english, and in that order. As for iam, there phat as shit too, and they are probably a little better known than Soolar because they have done some tracks with the Wu. Wasn't RZA supposed to do a track in French with them. Wouldn't that be phat if BT got down in aother language in some colaboration to blow peeps off the set. French rap is probably more widely available in the states than from any other country. I also enjoy the group from Germany called Massive Toone (not sure about the spelling) they are not bad either. I tried to meet as many people from different countries and cultures and always ask them about the hiphop culture. I had a tape of Japanesse rap with wu-tang and biggie beats but i lost it somewhere, that "jawn" was phat as shit. Ohh well. The more diverse the place where you live the more you get from different people and that way you love and understand better what you have back home. As for the other roup you mention, I have never heard of. Maybe you could tell me more about them. Watch out for hiphop from Toronto, Canada. They seem to have a nice underground move.