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Topic subjectfinland to ?uestlove
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22097, finland to ?uestlove
Posted by guest, Sun May-30-99 09:11 AM
hopefully this will be a breath of fresh air, since most of you seem to live a touch closer to philly.<P>incredible show in helsinki on 22 april, near two hours of pure bliss. personally i was most impressed of all (and this is liking picking out one little jewel from a pile of hiphop crown jewellery) by the "lights out/everybody get down/and then slowly rise while the momentum builds" -coreography on step into the realm, definitely one of my favorite tracks on the new album. <P>just wanted to extend my most sincere bigass thanks to ?uestlove, bt and the whole crew for making my (and i know i speak for many many others) day, week, month, year, you name it. finland isn't exactly blessed with a constant flow of live hiphop, and to have you perform for the second time in two years felt like seeing jesus return to east-jerusalem for an encore.<P>any comments on what it's like to perform in europe as opposed to your average u.s. show?<P>and one more thing: love the 94 collaboration with mc solaar on his prose combat. any chance of seeing/hearing more franco-afro-american cooperation in the future, either with solaar or someone else? i'm also very curious to know about the general reaction to french hiphop from the whole okayplayer-family. this is directed to anyone who might care to answer, but if coolquest can find the time to briefly share his views on this, i'll be in seventh heaventh. do the names akhenaton or iam, for instance, tickle any bones?