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Topic subjectJAWN. Black is a different person than ?uest.
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22071, JAWN. Black is a different person than ?uest.
Posted by guest, Sat May-29-99 07:30 PM
>Please forgive <BR>>my ignorance, but what in the <BR>>devil is a JAWN,<P>Living in Philly, I can answer that. A jawn is a mostly Philly slang word. It means "joint" or "thing". It can damn near take the place of any noun.<P>"Hand me that jawn over there."<P>"Look at that phly jawn in the red skirt"<P>>it is would you BLACK consider <BR>>doing it at least once a <BR>>week? It'll be hard for <BR>>you to compete with the amount <BR>>of times qool has been on <BR>>the board but I think if <BR>>you really wanted to you could <BR>>give him a run for his <BR>>money. <P>Black seems more introverted. Let him do his thing however he wants to bring it. Thanks for posting again, Black and letting us know what was up. <P>Cinsere1