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Topic subjectdo that jawn, Thought.
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22068, do that jawn, Thought.
Posted by ILLWILL, Sat May-29-99 07:07 PM
>Told them to tell me when it <BR>>was back cuz I figured out <BR>>my section. It's going to be <BR>>called "the jawn". I'm going to <BR>>just named "the jawn" of the <BR>>week or month or whatever. It <BR>>could be a girl, it could <BR>>be some herb, could be an <BR>>album. <P>word, that shit sounds tight as hell, handle yours b.<P>built in, so I can <BR>>I gave <BR>>Angieee some audio of me and <BR>>Common freestyling too. <P>word? that should be type fresh. Com is so damn ill with his freestyles. He makes a cat proud to be a Chicagoan! Peace<BR>Will<BR>PS: I finally got Organix today, damn that shit is dope, well worth the two year search.<BR>