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Topic subjectThe Jawn & Backwoods
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22065, The Jawn & Backwoods
Posted by guest, Sat May-29-99 06:37 PM
Ah-ight. They tell me I ain't break the jawn, then I come back and ain't shit here. Had me noid.<P>Naw, I knew it was going down. I keep up on my reading. <P>Told them to tell me when it was back cuz I figured out my section. It's going to be called "the jawn". I'm going to just named "the jawn" of the week or month or whatever. It could be a girl, it could be some herb, could be an album. <P>Whatever is on my mind.<P>I might join in some of the flows on the lyrics joint. Maybe. If yall ain't widack. <P>I got a laptop with a swivel camera built in, so I can put up mad flicks. I gave Angieee some audio of me and Common freestyling too. <P>One last thing to the guy who said Backwoods make you impotent. That's not true, black. <P>Peace,<P>Black Th-it-ought<P>