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Topic subjectDAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!
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21758, DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-11-00 03:06 AM
Hey I kow I'm late as hell but I just saw the VMA's yesterday.... thank god for re-runs...:7.... well anyhow HOW FUCKIN PISSED OFF AM I!!!!.... oh yeah I love the levi's commercial too... that was tight.. he looked soo cute... cute ain't the word.. he looked straight sexy... BUT anyhow back the the VMA's.... OK first off all... since when was sisqo a freekin hip hop artist... second did you see Bionce's bitch ass gettin ready for D'Angelo to come up on stage and then they said Eminem and she was like SHIT....hahahahahah :D...... third is it me or did Destiny's child get nominated for pop and r&b... fuckers you can't be both they are different styles of music.... forth how the hell did Red Hot Chili Peppers get best direction... D'Angelo's video portrayed exactly what he wanted and even if it seems like simple direction thats what the world needs damnit... I guess if right before hte untitled video he had an explosion that said "Hype Williams presents (boom) D'Angelo (BOOM) UNTITLED" it mighta got some damn play or award... man I was watchin it at a friends house and everytime they said D'Angleo untitled for a nomination I screamed, got up out my chair and danced.... man I acted like a little groupie... sorry y'all... but damn I really really really am pissed off at the outcome... OOH YEAH one more thing.. well 2.... first when D came out with Jennifer Lopez didn't they look cute?? the little do rags together and ish... D in black and Jen in White you know puffy was burnt when he kissed her cheek... hahahahahahahhahaha :P ..... I was jealous but its all gravy :9 ...... 2nd have you ever heard the name Limp Bizkit sound so sexy!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!.... LOL... yeah I know I said 2 but I got a 3rd.... did you see that crazy white dude from rage against the machine climb over the chairs to get to the stage and go right behind D and climb on that shit... I was like boy you bet not touch my baby boi!!! damn I told y'all I got all up in the show.... LOL... there ain't shit to do here damnit!!! well ummm I think thats all... ooh yeah also did you see the camera shot when Whitney Houston sang and D'Angelo stood up standing next to some guy I ain't never seen clappin..... I just wish her outfit would have matched.. but other than that its aiight.... lets have our own award show... but before I announce the winner tell me why on every commercial break they was like this VMA show was brought to you today by stank assess blah blah blah... they was always playin OKP music or some form of it... always lucy pearl always common always jill scott I think I heard her.. but I gotta go my rides outside.. LOL.. nonot the short bus... well all my awards go to D'Angelo, Common, The Roots, Jazzies, and all THEM cats.... cuz y'all deserve it for bring it with some real shit... fuck all them nigero's and bitch hoe's.... :):P:D:9:7

"gotta get out.. gotta get out of here..." D'Angelo... SPANISH JOINT... my sentaments exactly...

"I'm gonna take you away from here..." D'Angelo... UNTITLED... (please take me away from here I hate it in Tulsa, Oklahoma =oř)