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Topic subjectnothing compares 2 Prince
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21754, nothing compares 2 Prince
Posted by JustLisa, Fri Sep-08-00 11:29 AM
I hated Sinead's version of that song. . .

September Tribe quotes start here:

"You wanna be treated right? See Father M.C.. Or check Ralph Tresvant for sensitivity. Cuz' I am not the one I got more game than Parker Bros., Phife Dawg is on the mic and YO I'M SMOOTH like butter" -The Low End Theory

"Industry rule # 4,080, RECORD COMPANY PEOPLE ARE SHAAAAADY, so kids watch your back, cuz I think they smoke crack, I don't doubt, look at how they act. There are often better things like a hip-hop forum, pass me the mic and I'll score 'em with decorum, propa, whatchu say Hammer? Propa? Rap is not pop and if you call it that then stop". - The Low End Theory

". . .not even, you can ask even if the vibe ain't right, huh? You're leaving. Hit the road jack and alla that, be if she offers her abode to drop your load? Right smack dab in the middle, get the kit and I got crazy tender vittles."- Low End Theory

". . .there was no concern about so and so, and these record companies. But now we all are grown and spots is gettin' blown. Boys II Men, ABC, BVD, now we ain't none of them three." - The Love Movement

"She wasn't even alla that, just another hooker, had to turn that azz away just like Chuckie Booker"- Midnight Marauders